Testing Factory

Movilser Tech's proposal for a Testing Factory is based on:

• Identify the applications or functionalities that can be automated.

• Perform the design of the test plan that is the subject of the automation by identifying the automation strategy to be followed.

• Define the test cases to be automated in which the automation test plan is broken down.

• Recognition of the objects used in the developments and preparation of an object catalog.

• Collect the data sets required for test automation.

• Automation with suittest of the tests with the battery of datasets that allow its massive execution.

• Execute automated tests with suittest.

• Analysis of the results, evidence and reports obtained from the execution of the tests in suittest.

Digital transformation

Microsoft Azure / Google Cloud Platform / Amazon Web Services:

Deploying a new environment and removing it when you don't need it is a great advantage of the Cloud. You will have 99.9% availability and you will be able to deploy your application changes «on the fly», improving customer service.

You will have a performance review dashboard, customized event-based alarms, and advice on how to improve the security and performance of your applications.

You can perform hybrid cloud computing, keeping your legacy applications on-premises but connected to your cloud.

You can have virtual private networks in the cloud and connected to your local servers, and of course, integrating Active User Directories. Databases will reach a new level of security, performance and maintenance with solutions such as: Azure SQL serverless, or PostgreSQL and MySQL with low-cost Linux servers, without forgetting Oracle and SAP Hana.

Application development

Custom application development

With our expert consultants, analysts and developers, we will design the application you need, with the best user experience (UX), the most innovative development techniques, on the most powerful cloud platforms, also on-premise if you wish. Full-Stack Development is our Core, and we do it with the strictest programming standards.

Specialized Software Implementation

You need to implement a Market Suite, we help you to do it. We have extensive experience in the implementation of commercial software: Jira Core, Confluence, Salesforce, CRM, etc.

Application Integration

We integrate your applications with those of your customers and suppliers, thus facilitating B2C and B2B.

Integrating orders, sending invoices, reporting available stock or knowing the status of deliveries, are some of the APIs we implement.

Web Applications and E-Commerce

At Movilser we help you with the design, development and implementation of your customized Web Solution, which will allow you to maximize the potential of your company with greater efficiency and lower cost.

Having a website is an important part of the digitalization of the company.

We use the most advanced development techniques that make the code secure and maintainable, as well as the most innovative technologies: WordPress, PHP, JQuery, CSS and HTML.

We take care of the SEM and SEO positioning of your Web Solution, so that your company is more visible than the competition.

IT Consulting

IT Supplier Management

We help you in the bids and contracts with your suppliers. We draft your needs in the different procurement documents: RFI, RFP and RFQ. We support the selection process and technical evaluation of solutions. We specify in the contracts the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that must be met. Through a scorecard you will be able to control contract operations.


We analyze and propose the most suitable KPIs and operational and management indicators to control your company by anticipating and predicting events.

Software Development Life Cycle

We carry out a diagnosis of the CoV, proposing the necessary improvements to make it more efficient, improving the productivity of the development, and increasing the quality of the deliveries, thus achieving a short-term ROI.


We start up:

• Test Management Office (TMO) for the Management, Reporting and Execution of integration, system and user tests.

• Quality Management Office (QMO) for the design, implementation, operation, monitoring and reporting of software quality assurance processes.

• We review the technical quality of the software, its maintainability and transferability against recognized standards.

• Expertise such as, for example, review of software adaptation to your requirements (functional and technical).

IT Management Tools and Methodologies

We implement information management tools:

• Jira Service Desk, Jira Confluence, HP-ALM, Salesforce, Servicenow

We implement new methodologies and management roles:

• Agile y Waterfall, Product Owner Role, Scrum Master Role, Kanban.